Kiki (apologyhat) wrote in gmail,

Help, please--I appear to be logged in even when I'm not

I've  beeen having a problem with gmail for the past two or three weeks. I appear to be logged on, even when I know I'm not.

There's only two computers I check my email on--my home and my work. I know I shut down my home computer when I left this morning, and I didn't check my gmail on my work computer until about 3 pm PST time today, but several of my friends have said that they saw me logged in (with the green dot next to my name) from 11 - 12, and then again at 1 for ten minutes earlier today. A few people have said that when they go to message me,  I log off shortly there after.

When I went to look at my saved chats, I can see several one line long chats from friends of mine from times when I'm confident I wasn't signed on. These are in my regular saved chats area, not emailed to me later.

I've changed my password three times, and this still keeps happening. No other accounts of mine have had this happen to them.

Is it a quirk in the system, or has someone been figuring out my password.
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