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Issue with HTML e-mail and GMail [14 Jan 2013|10:38am]
Good morning all,

I recently started working on an e-blast for work. This is an HTML document. It displays fine on Outlook, Hotmail and Yahoo but there is a line formatting error on GMail which causes an unsightly mis-alignment of the e-mail banner.

Does anybody here have any experience with this? Would it help if I posted the HTML code in question?

Please let me know.
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Google Mail comes out of beta status [07 Jul 2009|05:41pm]


Google Apps (and with it, the free version of Google Mail, as well as Google Docs, Calendar, and Talk) are coming out of beta in the next day or two

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[13 Jan 2009|01:52pm]

Is there any way I can buy a username with less than six letters without having to establish my own domain? For example: dogs@gmail.com ... or do you think they will ever allow shorter usernames in the future? I know they worry about the addresses getting spammed and such, but it's kind of irritating.
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[31 May 2009|06:40pm]

For the past two day a lot of spam came to my gmail inbox. I have been using spam filter for a couple of years and it worked just fine (all, I mean ALL spam massages would end up in trash and not in the inbox). I wonder what happened? Filter doesn't work anymore? Have you guys seen more spam lately?
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Calendar not showing up? [05 Jan 2009|06:20pm]

I'm trying to keep my very active family organized, so my husband and I have set up gmail calendars for both of us. On mine I have a sub calendar for both of our children. I've made everything public and invited my husband to view them, but they aren't showing up on his calendar. Mine (the main one) is showing up on his though. What am I missing?
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yahoo contacts? [27 Oct 2008|07:44pm]

I'm unable to link a Yahoo (Yahoo Messenger) friend of mine to GChat. When she responds to the invite, she gets a 'bad link' message. Is it entirely impossible to link GChat and YM?
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No "display images below" option [22 Aug 2008|07:48pm]

I'm sure this has been asked here before, but i can't find any information about it.

Why aren't my embedded images showing on gmail? The display images below option one would expect isn't there, only the placeholders. It's happening on both IE and Firefox, so it must be a gmail thing.
Also, I've noticed that this only happens when I'm forwarding the e-mail with the message.

Help. Me.
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[19 Jun 2008|01:26pm]

I have a problem with Cyrillic Encoding,. I’m writing in Russian, and every time I’m
Trying to reply to a LJ comment from the message window, I have a problem.
Does anyone know how to fix it? Is it a Gmail settings that causing that, or LJ?
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Subject/body notifications [23 May 2008|12:58pm]

Is there a way to turn off the dialog box that asks you if you're sure you want to send your message without a subject and/or body? I rarely like to subject my emails, and sometimes I just email myself an attachment to print elsewhere, and therefore don't write a body either. I just wish gmail would stop asking me whether I'm sure I want to send the message.
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Random Gmail signatures [08 Jun 2008|10:25am]

So Gmail has a new random signature feature in the "labs" setting. It pulls in text from an RSS feed and plunks it into your signature line. Kinda neat, but the default feed they're using has nothing but generic quotes from famous people. So I've set up a community to create more interesting ones. randomgmailsigs.
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Help, please--I appear to be logged in even when I'm not [30 Apr 2008|04:01pm]

I've  beeen having a problem with gmail for the past two or three weeks. I appear to be logged on, even when I know I'm not.

There's only two computers I check my email on--my home and my work. I know I shut down my home computer when I left this morning, and I didn't check my gmail on my work computer until about 3 pm PST time today, but several of my friends have said that they saw me logged in (with the green dot next to my name) from 11 - 12, and then again at 1 for ten minutes earlier today. A few people have said that when they go to message me,  I log off shortly there after.

When I went to look at my saved chats, I can see several one line long chats from friends of mine from times when I'm confident I wasn't signed on. These are in my regular saved chats area, not emailed to me later.

I've changed my password three times, and this still keeps happening. No other accounts of mine have had this happen to them.

Is it a quirk in the system, or has someone been figuring out my password.
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transfer for hotmail [22 Mar 2008|02:50pm]

I'm trying to transfer some of my family from hotmail to gmail.

I did it myself a few months ago. The problem is forwarding hotmail -> gmail. Did something change? I keep getting some sort of error.
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Notice of Received Messages [06 Mar 2008|09:06pm]


I'm considering signing up for a gmail account and am wondering if it includes a feature that notifies me when my emails have been read by the person I'm sending the message to. MS Outlook offers this feature, which I find very useful, particularly for business purposes.

Many thanks in advance.

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[08 Oct 2007|06:19am]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Does anyone know if it's possible to create a filter that will remove only one person's e-mails from a conversation? I'm on a mailing list and there's a one trick pony who is driving me up a wall. I only want to remove his e-mails, but the filter I tried not only plonked him, it also plonked any thread/conversation he participated in. This is a less than optimal solution, as there is good information in the other e-mails that I want to keep.


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[07 Sep 2007|11:02am]

[ mood | confused ]

I use a Mac w/ FireFox and have added LinkedIn Companion. And I use GMail. The InfoBox is not showing up (on either my iMac or iBook. It did at first - but I've reinstalled and reloaded and it still is not working. Any ideas?
BTW - I use GMail Manager but InfoBox worked on that earlier also. Thanks for any help.

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Is there a way to prevent Gmail from automatically adding contacts to your contact list? [30 Sep 2007|02:57pm]

It's always bothered me: I don't want Gmail adding people to my contact list, just because I emailed them once.

It's especially troublesome now because I created a separate email account for a club I'm creating, and sometimes the emails I send out get bounced back and sometimes I try several versions of emails. I don't want those email addresses added to my contact list. It makes it difficult when I export the contact list (especially since Gmail doesn't let you export only a group...it exports the entire contact list).

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Gmail & Safari [03 Sep 2007|11:38pm]

Has anyone here had trouble getting Gmail to work with the Safari browser 3.0.3 for Windows? Trying to open Gmail crashes the browser every. single. time. I've tried all the Gmail tips for getting them to work together, including uninstalling my firewall and virus software, and nothing's working...
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gmail on my t-mobile side kick [21 Jul 2007|05:44pm]

For years now I've been able to log into my gmail from my Side Kick2 cell and use HTML view. Today however, that option disapeared. What's going on? I HATE being stuck in mobile view when HTML view is so much easier and used to be an option
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Registration on Gmail. Some small things. [07 Jul 2007|07:11am]

When signing up to Gmail users are receiving message that includes this!!!

"Learn about some of Gmail?s unique features on the Getting Started page."

Why they do not replace "?" with "'"?

Also, why now when registering and adding say Anna and White as first and last name Google have no idea on Anna.White as username as it was before? I registered Ikannz.Bantisls - it was Google's idea - why now they do not recommend firstname.lastname anymore? Maybe because most of such user names are already taken?
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Google Coding [06 Jul 2007|06:08pm]

via ЖЖ профильquappa

Work place of Paul_Buchheit, GMail developer.

Update: Paul has long left Google. This is a photo of a workplace in his new office.

Original at eltheriol.livejournal.com

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